non voip

  1. G

    24 hours Non VoIP Voice Number

    Is there any service that will give me Non VoIP USA number for 24 hours or more which I can use for SMS and Call verification?
  2. PEYAS

    Rent USA Non voip phone number

    Hello I finding a seller who can provide USA non VoIP phone number Rent me for 1 Month or long term. I use this phone number for survey site verification. Did anyone else here kindly contact me. Thank you.
  3. F

    (HAF) I need non voip usa number for fiverr verification

    I need non voip usa number for fiverr verification Waiting for swift response Thanks
  4. Tylor jr

    [WTB] US Non voip numeber for verification.

    Hello all, I'm Looking for a US non-voip number for verifications. Payment will be send in BTC/Paypal. PM or comment if you can set me up with nonvoip us number. Cheers!
  5. S

    Best Non Voip Number

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the best non voip UK no. for call verification. Can anyone suggest me a good seller
  6. strawhat150

    EU/UK Physical Sim Verification Service

    Receiving SMS to physical numbers, NOTE: Those are not VOIP numbers. They work with any kind of service. They are 2 type of numbers, shared and dedicated, while shared you can use to verify tier 2 services which not require a personal number that can be used only once. The cost of the shared...
  7. A

    Local Phone Number (usa based) Provider ?

    Hello, as you know,voip numbers are not valid for anyone knows non voip number provider? thanks a lot