1. S

    Europe, CPA Networks and the W-8 Form

    Hey everyone, I've been signing up most recently with various CPA networks and some are requesting me to send them a W-8 tax form. Now, I'm a Europian citizen and I'm sure I'm not the only Non-US citizen here who is working with US based CPA networks. I wonder if there is anyone here from...
  2. C

    Looking for some specific CPA

    Hello everyone, I'm new at CPA related stuff so don't judge me if my request will look stupid. I have an idea and to implement it I need a CPA company. Thing is that CPA offers I need should be surveys that require user information (name, surname, address, ID number or anything more/less). I...
  3. joe_m

    When a newbie should go for 2 day BHW vacation

    Let me introduce my self first. I stumbled on BHW recently but around 2006 I tried RSSGM without much success.I shelved the idea of making any income from adsense after registering some blogs which I now found new use. The wealth of info here is so much that for 3 days I slept for an average of...
  4. D

    Non-US Adult Cam Sponsor Needed

    Hi BHW! Can anyone who knows of any good non-us based adult cam sponsors please either post them here or private message me with details? I have an extremely high volume of traffic, and will sign up under the best one! Thanks for everybody's help!
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