no views tiktok

  1. Mampfred77

    Very Low views Tiktok

    Hey guys I have recently started posting on my US Sim TikTok account. I started to reach an audience of around 50-100 people for every post. However something seems very odd with the views to like ratio. As an example one of my videos with 80 views has over 20 likes. However always when posting...
  2. M

    Shadow Ban (less than 100 views average per video)

    Recently been working on a dropshipping store using solely tik tok ads and organic means for engagement. Currently having a problem with the organic side. Currently, I don't have the product in person so I haven't been able to make my own unique original content for uploading. As of now, I'm...
  3. H

    What's happening to my TikTok account?

    Hi everyone! I own some travel repost accounts on IG and I've tried moving to TikTok. Firstly everything went well, some videos get more than 50k views but suddenly my videos started getting nothing. Barely 5 likes and views 0-10 (the most viewed one 80 views). I don't really know what can be...
  4. E

    Shadow banned on TikTok

    I’ve used multiple accounts on my device for watching videos ( stopped posting a while ago ). Made a new account like 3 days ago and have been posting very consistently. My first video has like 450 views ( and is increasing weirdly ). The videos after all have decreasing views. 50, 40 30 20 etc...
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