no proxy

  1. D

    Botting with no proxy

    hi, I’ve already asked the support team of Jarvee but I want to have your opinion too. If I use my main account on my phone (cellular connection 4G) for posting and engaging a little; Should I be able to use a bot (Jarvee or GMT2) on it without a proxy. I mean, there’s no proxy located where I...
  2. dvd.wl22

    Advice on Running 3/4 Accounts with 3Friends (NO BOTS-NO PROXY)

    Hi guys me and my 3 friends looking at buying 3/4 accounts then run them together under 1 same IP address. We plan to grown them by hand without bots/vpn/proxy then resell later on. Is this safe for the Buyers? Would the accounts get banned after couple of days of changing hands.