1. hatterftw1

    Pinterest Pins Showing as No-Index ? Why ?

    So I was doing some pinning last night and did a couple dozen pins no problems and all displayed as indexable and everything. Then this morning I noticed that this last pin I posted last night happen to be showing as a no-index tag on my chrome extension. At first I thought that something was...
  2. G

    Aptoide App Pages Have No-Index, how to change that ?

    No sure if there are any BHW users that have ever uploaded apps to Aptoide I recently just uploaded my first. But the app page has a no-index tag on it right now, however I know pages can index and you see them everyday. The only conclusion I can come to is that each app goes through an...
  3. shaggy99

    How to know if a backlink is on a page that can't be indexed?

    Is there a free website, or method to check if your backlink is on a page that can't be indexed? I made about 10 backlinks, many on web 2.0 profile pages, and I create tier 2 backlinks to them from blog comments and pinging, and most of them still are unindexed after more than a month.
  4. ashish2112

    [Need Help] How to index one post in no-index category

    Hello guys, Actually I have a category on my website as "video" where I embed some YouTube videos and don't want them to be indexed so I changed setting of that category as no-index. Now I want to index 2-3 posts of that category How to do that? Will posting only video without content penalize...
  5. G

    How to get no-index backlinks

    Hello everyone, Hope all you are doing well. Is there any way to get my website non-index backlinks. Please help me Ifr anyway. Thanks & Regards Gillyrocker