1. S

    Looking for US Residential Static High Speed Proxies

    I am looking for US Residential Static High Speed Proxy provider, it has to be monthly, unlimited bandwidth if possible, and will be used on mainly sneaker websites. I am needing between 300-500 proxies depending on pricing. *I am not interested in DC based proxies,even if its virgin. It...
  2. badasscoder

    Partner Needed For Sneakers Business

    Hello we have developed some super fast auto purchase tools for Sneakers websites... Like Adidas, Supreme, Nike, Shopify etc. The person who was working with us had to discontinue the work. I am looking for somebody who has good experience in this niche and is willing to work with us in the long...
  3. M

    How to advertise/scale for replica selling?

    So I sell high quality replicas of different types of apparel from Taobao/WeChat sellers to family, friends, and friends of friends (They know they are replicas when they buy them). I don't have consistent sales, but every few weeks or so someone will come to me and want to buy Ray Bans, a Louis...
  4. H

    Need a program/scrip to create verified accounts for Nike US/China(CN)

    Hey, I am in need of someone to create a program where it can make verified Nike US/CN accounts. They will need to be able to use gmail email addresses as well as @catchall domains. It would need to create the accounts then login and enter number to recieve sms to verify account. For China...
  5. K

    Fix a Nike Account Gen Script

    would like to hire someone who would be willing to fix this script to be put in working order. It is a Nike account generation and verification script, Nike recently added more bot detection into there website and this was patched. There have been people that have already gotten it to work and...
  6. E

    Looking to purchase a large amount of verified nike accounts

    must be verified with a mobile phone number, comment your skype.
  7. V

    Hello BHW from Massachusetts!

    Looking to find someone who is able to help me create a bot for automating purchases and also excited to see what the forums have to offer.
  8. swords12

    Sneaker Servers ----- <1 ms Ping To Sneaker Websites

  9. B

    Sneakerbot - auto check out bot - adidas

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a sneakerbot, or an auto check out bot? Preferably for Thank you
  10. B

    Which Yeezy Box Is Legit???

    Im in the market for some yeezy's just like everything thats name branded there are fakes. Which yeezy box is fake? I noticed 2 different boxes while searching for a pair for my self? I couldn't find a definitive answer on google.
  11. E


    Hello I have an online shop with great selling items. Im looking for dropshipping of nike/adidas/under armour/ffred perry/lacoste/ and all other big brands. If you have right connections with low prices and with catalogs i will be more than happy to work with. please mail me with interesting...
  12. M

    Cheap Private & Shared Proxies - Works on Social Media and more | Many locations

    Website is down and seller has not been online since May. Please get in touch to verify the status of this service. ********************************************************** is pleased to announce on BHW that we offering great dedicated proxies as well as shared(semi...
  13. S

    Unbanned/Virgin Nike (US) Proxies

    Hello, I am looking for clean unbanned, virgin Nike proxies. I am looking to use them for Nike US, and I am looking for about 10-30. Please let me know of any places I can get these. Thank you!
  14. B

    Need europe and us unbanned proxies for money

    Hey, Search Nike US and EUROPE unbanned proxies or virgin proxies
  15. R

    Help on backdoor carting on Nike

    How do I back door cart on Nike? I'm trying to get shoes and I think I know the gist of the process but some clarification would be nice, so could some one PM me to help me out?
  16. G

    Need proxies that will work on Nike website...

    Hello. I am in search of fast proxies that will work on Nikes website. All who respond or PM me, I would thank you very much!!!
  17. S

    Looking to purchase sophisticated Nike Add To Cart Bot

    Hello, I am new to the BHW community. I am looking for a programmer to develop a bot that will add sneakers to a cart for me from several different sites simultaneously. I do not know how much something like this would cost but I am willing to pay whatever upfront cost and maintenance update...
  18. I

    nike/eastbay/footlocker bot

    im looking to partner up with someone to help me build a release bot. i need this bot to grab these shoes within like 1-2 seconds after release. i need it to be a google chrome extention if possible but if not it just needs to be easy to use.
  19. M

    Shipping- Get Original Nike, Addidas and other Leading Brands Shipped In Bulk

    Hi , I have one friend in India in Tirupur who has close inside connection with management of one of the leading exporters of Worldwide Brands ( Nike, Cutter & Buck, Adidas, GAP, Tommy Hilfigure, Katzenberg, Vanhussain Fila, Arrow etc.) , Only bulk shipments can be made, all products are...
  20. ttamim

    Wholesale Authentic Nike Branded Football Kits OFFER

    I'm a new, start up company which is only run by myself. I'm in a position where I can get my hands on real AUTHENTIC Nike branded football kits on various different teams (Barcelona, Arsenal etc..) and various players. Hopefully in the future I will be able to offer more. I'm based in London...
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