1. T

    Why the NFL Is Smarter than You

    I was watching a Broncos game the other night — the one in which they clobbered the Giants on Thanksgiving Day — and it occurred to me that the NFL is a heck of a lot smarter than me and you. Here’s why. After every play of the game, the sportscasters share the most arcane stats you’ve ever...
  2. Icey Dan

    Any other NFL fans here?

    The NFL playoffs are right around the corner and it's looking like it could be an interesting superbowl. I was curious if there are any other football fans here on BHW? And if so what is your superbowl prediction? Happy new year! :)
  3. Fuzyy

    [Journey] Football Channel!

    Hello all my friends! Hope you are well! I want you to discover a new thing that we plan to do! Idea : I'm 23 years old and I've been dreaming for a long time doing my youtube channel by editing NFL players and College Highlights. I played in NCAA SEC for soccer. And my dream is really to...
  4. denbydeals

    Hello, I am new here

    Hi all, I am new here and hope I can work with others and we can all work together. I am not here for fun, I am here as a business man in e commerce. Things I hope to achieve are the following: I would like to find a list of drop shippers where I can order a min. of 1 or more per transaction...
  5. Capo Dei Capi

    SOB it may be second time I forgot to bet to the "script"

    The NFL has had suspicions of being rigged going back decades. However they have built up a cult like status where looking into it gets you attacked with all sorts of BS by the sheep. During the 2010 season Superbowl, I knew that the Steelers would not be allowed to win due to the various...
  6. T

    Is Brian Hoyer the answer to the Brown's QB situation?

    I think he might be. Just need to get back Gordon, Cameron and a new RB.
  7. S

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