newbie checklist

  1. M

    Cold Call Emails to SEO

    I have tried cold call emailing to SEO looking for bloggers to partner with. I havent had much luck. Is there a better way or a country that looks more for people to partner with than an other?
  2. T

    Hi Everyone

    I just registered moments ago, but I've been a fan of this website for years. now that I have started my own website, I found the need to join again and start from scratch. I work in sales, but I like to change it to the digital world. so as I started learning about SEO and Digital marketing, I...
  3. ralio

    are you new like i am?

    if you are a just joining the bhw i will like to know you, i liike to walk through understanding this platform with newbies like me. thanks.
  4. R

    Hello BHW!!

    I've been reading BHW for a few months but have not been very active on the boards. I'm interested in all online marketing and SEO methods and tools to help promote brands, products, people and to make money online. I currently have a few youtube channels, several blogs and numerous social media...
  5. M

    New to BHW

    Hi BHW Community, I am a newbie here, by which I mean a completely beginner. I am eager to make money, and since I am studying Business and Marketing in the Fall next September, I believe this would be a great practical project for me to learn first hand with. If anyone is interested in...
  6. D

    question about Diamond Dave's Newbie Checklist

    i just ordered this today, does anyone know how long it roughly takes to arrive in your inbox? i'm really looking forward to it!
  7. O

    Diamond Dave's Newbie Checklist

    Well, I've stumbled into the world of SEO and marketing. Upon creating an account I received and email regarding Diamond Dave's Newbie checklist. Is this checklist up to date with current information? Would you recommend this product? Obviously I'll receive some bias reply's but hopefully...
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