new member

  1. affmasta19

    hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I am a new member of the forum. A year ago I found out about this forum but did not register, I was looking for people who could provide advertising accounts for Facebook. Now I work in the direction of onlyfans and my task is to look for traffic. I am from Ukraine and I hope...
  2. N

    Hello new member Doing dropshipping !

    Hey guys i am new here i have read true a lot of posts and have gotten some useful information i am into dropshipping and i am running two shops right now one called murtiento its over a year old not many sales made little over 1000 and a brand new one tifym 0 sales its around a week old...
  3. CharmedStar

    Ladies and Gents

    ...and other things. Hello! I'm a small shop owner (phytomedicine baths, custom fit hypoallergenic jewelry, pure soft-welded precious stones, and more) looking forward to seeing how things operate on this side of the web. Most likely lurking will take place for a while before investing in my...
  4. A

    Hey all, nice to be here

    Hey folks, I'm new to SEO and I'm interested in learning how to create a website from scratch and improve its visibility through on-site and off-site SEO techniques. I've been hearing a lot about the rising popularity of AI, and I'm considering creating a website that features a collection of...
  5. E

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone i'm new here, I'm looking for various ways to improve Indonesian online gambling sites, thankyou.
  6. sazadurbipul

    I am new here....How I can trade here? Please help if you could

    I want to be a marketer here? Please suggest me how I will.
  7. Supremelysmart

    I like this inclusion and hierarchy lol

    Hi everyone I’m new to BHW just stumbled upon it today and I’m INTRIGUED and eager to learn! I’m a Gemini with a never ending need to learn things and stimulate my brain and this place is doing it for me. I’m a quick learner and I’m not sensitive when it comes to any types of constructive...
  8. BlackSheepSF

    New to BHW saying hi and introducing myself

    Hey everyone I’m new to this site and just wanted to say hi. I’m pretty much still a noob but I’m wanting desperately to find ways to make money online with the porn industry peaking my curiosity. I’m specifically interested in starting an aggregate porn site. Anyway, I live in Silicon Valley...
  9. RankRaiser

    Hello everyone. :)

    Hey ! I'm RankRaiser, new here but eager to dive into the world of SEO and digital marketing. Excited to learn from you all and contribute where I can. Let's connect! Cheers, RankRaiser
  10. H

    New member here

    Hi there, Im rex Glad to meet all of you. I join black hat community to start my porn site. There are more stuff to learn from you guys. Thanks
  11. Y

    Hello everyone! YTP here

    Hey there BHW folks! I'm YTP and I'm a new member here. I'm a graphic designer who also loves music. I'm here to explore new opportunities in the world of online money-making.
  12. S

    Hello! I am a new member and I really want to learn from you

    Hello everyone, I have been reading in this forum for a few weeks and learning a lot from things that are published here, I am very interested in learning a lot about Social media Scraping, Proxies and social network accounts. Thank you!
  13. ProblemSolution

    Hello, Welcome ME, I am Newbie Here

    Hey Dear BHW Member, I am newbie here, But reading BHW from longtime ago. I face many problem, So i decided to share my problem with you guys. Also, I see there is lots of problem facing other member, If i have any scope I want to solve your problem.
  14. D

    Hello everybody!

    I feel good to be here. This is my first post. I heard about how BHW can recreate financial lives and careers to become better so I decided to join, as I am at my "all-time low and broke" period. I really need help. Being an African, things are hard at this time. I'm not asking you for money...
  15. P

    Introduction of new members

    hello everyone,, Introduce me a new user in this forum, May we always be given salvation.
  16. DarPrime

    Dar Prime Introduction

    Hello im new to the ecommerce world i started 6 months ago i maded few dollars , as a beginner i would like to have a network with more people that are on this path before , so he can share with us some solving problems methodes , that why i maded this thread so , if someone has knowledge on...
  17. BaranKanat

    Hello my friends

    (sorry for my limited english my native language is not english) I have been reading the topics as a guest for a long time, now I realize that it is time to become a member. Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Baran I am 20 years old and I live in Turkey. I am interested in software...
  18. luizfe3006

    Hello guys! I'm an English teacher from Brazil.

    Hey there! My name's Luiz and I'm Brazilian. I'm new here and I wanna help you out with everything I know and also learn from you guys! I have my online English course running and there are some students already. I'm currently studying PLR market to launch my eBook as a VSL... If you know any...
  19. annsalinas

    A newbie here

    Hi all forum friends I'm Ann Salinas from the USA. I'm a new member here. Please accept me.
  20. broking007

    (not noob 10Years in the game ) Just wanted to say H!

    Already in the game for 10Yrs Been member of this forum for while but never posted. But I am not a leacher ! To be honest I been long time member & Contributor of other blackhatforum some member might know bbhf I am basically an outsider for some people some might be spectacle & judge...
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