1. J

    New to BHW!! With a big interest and money motivated!

    Hello all, I've had a little browse of a fraction of the site so far, mainly the forums and what people are chatting about. Seems interesting to say the least and some of the opportunites/advice being posted is quality, like I said I've only seen a few things so far too! I'm glad I signed up...
  2. Noxron

    I am new here

    I want to introduce here some good friends
  3. PS5

    New here

    Hey guys, sorry for showing up that late but we have to deal with a chip shortage atm aswell as Evergreen, that has blocked the Suez Canal.
  4. jongmr

    Is it a good idea to buy a fiverr account?

    I see many people saying that it is hard to start with a new account in fiverr. Then I said, ok, let's buy a fiverr account from bhw. But first, I want to know if paying for an old account with some activities is worth it, Or I should start with a new account (fresh)? Does not paying money for...
  5. SteveNoJob

    I'm Steve but no Job!

    Hello Everyone, I've been roaming around for months now and still no Job :) fuck this covid!
  6. theidleman

    Making Muney Using BHW

    Hey guys so I'm literally new to this forum and I am wondering where to take maximum advantage of the forum in order to gain knowledge on making money on the internet. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks
  7. F

    Hey Friends

    I 'm new to this discussion. Looking forward to explore and learn about various aspects of Digital World. With the desire to begin new excursion with all of you, and participate in making a solid foundation. I like to travel to new places & meet new Peoples
  8. Y

    just new and looking for some help

    hello i'm new at this kind of stuf and i'm looking for some help i need to earn 5-10$ per day i have some RDP and i need to get some money with it anyhelp?:)
  9. Where to start?

    Hello, I am new here and I am looking to get into this blackhat stuff, I have some budget for buying required stuff. If anyone can tell me where a good place to start is that would be great
  10. O

    is it a good idea to publish a bunch of articles an THEN go back and add images and links and stuff?

    i think that because posts usually take a lot of time to start ranking, why don't i (as i'm starting a new blog) just publish let's say 30 articles in a short period of time, and then go back and "optimize" those articles as a write new ones? did anyone did that?, what do you think about it?
  11. Milfzoneblog

    Blast From the Past!

    Hey there! The name is Dave and I'm 27 years old. "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive!" I live my life by that quote so just know I can get weird at times lol. If you're taking the time out of your busy day/night/morning to read this post I seriously pitty you...
  12. anonproxyal99

    Hello Blackhatworld

    Hi I'm a software engineer and web developer. I came here to share my thoughts, ideas and ways how to make money online mostly. I hope we have a good time together. Regards!
  13. TomTheCat

    Google made you a surprise! Here it is...
  14. Chachazzle

    Salutations BHW! Chachazzle here!

    Hai! Nice to meet you all! Chachazzle here, but you can call me Nic/Nicole and just like many new members, newbie here. This site was recommended to me and so I decided to check it out and browse a little for a while. Eventually, I joined shortly after. I'm an amateur artist who specializes in...
  15. S

    New User! Extremely Lost :(

    Hi, new to the forums, I've been researching for the past several hours trying to figure out how to use a proxy in a tor browser. I don't quite understand how they work with ports and such. Is it even possible to use a Socks5 Proxy in a tor browser with most sites being Https? Or would I need...
  16. seosmmbased

    New here

    Hello buddy, i am new here because i want to know so many things. I hope here i will get all your kind cooperation for my needful things.
  17. D

    New Addition to the Community.

    Hello, everyone ! I 'm Jan or DrReyRey , i joined today out of curiosity to learn more about how i can create my first business online and take it to the next level with choosing the right niche ! I am looking forward to discuss technical stuff (IT / Mobile Phone Tech / PC - Laptop Tech) aswell...
  18. dahai

    Hello everyone, I am the new hai. Explore seo, let us ride the wind and waves in the color

    Hello everyone, I am the new hai. Explore seo, let us ride the wind and waves in the color
  19. jeanmosqueda

    Hi! My name is Jean

    Hello! i'm glad i can finally register in this forum, i'm a graphic / web designer from south america, and i have been in a couple of forums before, and i'm here to learn things, meet business people and i hope that sooner than later i can introduce my services in the marketplace. I hope I can...
  20. W

    Who am I ?

    Hello Everybody, I am very new here. I am very much excited now . I would like to start to do something well in online. But, I don't know much about online earning. Hope you guys will help me a lot. Thanks