1. N


    whats up fellow intellects!! The names Nio and I couldn’t be more excited to have found you all! I have to say I’m beyond impressed with the maturity, collaboration, and insight that each one of you unique individuals brings to the table. I have many profitable methods I’ve been conducting over...
  2. T

    Hello Black Hat World

    I'm a newbie and I'm looking to learn and connect with others :)
  3. rexlapix

    My introduction

    Hello BHW, you can refer me with rex or rexlapix, I am 18yo, I would like to keep my irl identity private. So been using this fourm for more than a week, and decided to make account today. Its really hidden gem I can't lie, unless other fourm where they just talk about ewhoring. I've been...
  4. gzdani

    New scrub lookin 4 gainz

    hihi , my name is gzdani , my friends just call me dani . i love makeup , art , an music . ig im sort of a script kitty here :3 compared to u 1337s . im jus a girl that plays online games - mostly RuneScape , and i do a lil [<] , mostly javascript , wit programs like jetbrains/intelli j ...
  5. The Accountant

    New here and willing to learn

    Hello, not new to the topics but new to this forum. Will definetly have fun here and hope we all can learn from each other and make a lot of money together :D
  6. O

    Hey Y’all! Give a shout out for wherever you are from and let’s be friends. I’m brand new and from SEATTLE, just another degenerate

    anyone else from Washington on the PNW area? Shout out where you’re from and say hi, lets be friends.
  7. M

    My First Steps on BHW: A Quick Introduction

    Hey everyone! I'm new here on BlackHatWorld (BHW) and I'm pretty excited about it. BHW seems like a cool place where people share lots of helpful stuff about online things. As I started exploring, I found a bunch of useful tips and stories from others who've been around. It's like a treasure...
  8. B

    Howdy my fellow free thinkers

    I've been dabbling with marketing For about the last 3 years on and off uploading adult content using my self to promote my cam room... I Manage 2 female OFs. Really I'm just here to try and add I've learned get advice \ build relationships I feel like I have the basics down.... Anyways I'm...
  9. R


    hi guys im a new here . i have just started a new business. and want to learn from here.
  10. ItsNeo

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great, I wish you all good luck and an amazing life. Happy to join you in this forum
  11. P

    Nice to meet you

    Back to affiliation world after 3 years of sales and bizdev, here to Spy, read tips and check if I can create partnerships Happy to discuss anything! my field is Casino & betting on CPA RevShare and Flat fees. I hold 5 years experience in the mobile apps field and now I moved to web. Cheers
  12. lacelacelace

    Hello all!

    My name is Lace and I stumbled across this site by accident, but I am sure glad that I did. At first I wasn't quite sure what this site was all about, but the more that I read, the more I am starting to understand. I have always identified myself as a "gray hat" and therefore being on a site...
  13. A

    SEO noob here!

    Hello professionals and fellow noobs! I am Start. New here, I joined wanting to know more about seo and phone farming! I stumbled unto an interesting video last month and have been wanting to start a personal project on phone farming myself! Please share your experiences and I may learn from...
  14. Elaine12

    Hi Everyone

    I Am New In BlackHatWorld, Hope Everyone Is Friendly Here
  15. zotix

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone :) I'm Zotix, and very interested inin diving into the the world of 'BHW'. I'm a passionate IT guy who is willing to learn from you and contribute as well. I focus on Domain Flipping, SEO for Social Media Platforms, and developing YT accounts. I am willing to dive deeper, learn...
  16. G


    hello from across the pond! :)
  17. L1nkMaster

    Hello everyone, I am very new here.

    Hi everyone, I am totally new here. Kindly give me suggestions and ideas.
  18. Dezee

    Hi im new

    Hello everyone im new here i'm very experienced in makeing first hand smm panel providing services and im about try to learn more about mass dm, scraping and other methodes of using my knowledge for seo. I'd also really apprichiate if you'd recommend me any use cases for my scraped email list...
  19. D

    Hello BHW

    Hi to anyone open this thread, i m daerek, if search my can find out, i haven’t nothing to hide for now; i m a young guy who trying to become a good piece of this world. I born with a pc becouse my father love him, and i too like for good music. I’m happy if someone help me to find out some good...
  20. S

    New here From Türkiye

    Hello guys.. My name is Selim I from Türkiye ( Turkey ) Im 24 years old And i have company about insurance but i will leave about this industry İ am looking for the sone jobs online because i want to focus to earn money from online İ am waiting for your advices thanks a lot İ am so...
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