1. I

    globalwide media

    I have work with globalwide media as an affiliate , and i have made about 3000$ a day when i have try to enter to my account it says : Login unsuccessful. User account is Inactive/Pending. when i have contact the affiliate Jota Ferreira he has say to me that my account was terminated and he...
  2. S

    How i get approved on Neverblue

    Hi guyz, i am new here and i need to know how to get approve account on neverblue ?? Can anyone help me???
  3. avi619

    Need International Offers.

    Hello, I am into many networks like Neverblue, EWA, AdscendMedia,etc. But I cannot find any international e-mail submits. My traffic is not targetted so I need to get some international offers. Any ideas on how to search for them? Thanks.
  4. Dr_And

    In your opinions: Which is the best ? Maxbounty,Peerfly,Neverblue or Other

    Hello Guys This is a general discussion about the best CPA Network .. In your opinions what`s the best ? Mean what`s the network which work with you good ? Maxbounty,Peerfly,NeverBlue ??? Myself i tried them all and Maxbounty is the best for me .. What about you ? Thanks
  5. J

    Clickbank Proof needed to get into NeverBlue

    Hi everyone. Recently, I applied to Neverblue after watching some videos of Charles Kirkland the CB super affiliate. He recommended to join Neverblue. So I signed up. In the application of Never blue, just to impress them I entered that my monthly commissions are from $250-$500 but I never...
  6. G

    Neverblue pending changes

    my changes are still not approved by my manager will they send the check to my new address or old address can i change the name
  7. A

    Neverblue ads email campaign !!!

    hi guys,i need some help regarding my email campaign on neverblue ads.I wanted to do email promotion so when i select a campaign, i find email creative in tht.It have a suppression file as well as HTML code and something.can anyone please guide me how to use this html email creative if i'm using...
  8. D

    Need someone who can get me a neverblue account with MY legit informations

  9. minimo88

    Am I acceoted or not

    i applied to neverblue they called i answered all they're questions and they said i will recieve an email in 15mins and i still haven't recieved their email so what wrong btw they called my yesterday and i snet them an email aswell
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