1. Voyage69 is down?

    Service for video sharing,movies host is down all day,anyone know what happend myb owners arrested or servers down forever...
  2. A

    Highest paying video hosting?

    Hi, I'm wondering from all of these video hosting site such as, Doodstream etc. which one pays the most. Or just say which one do YOU use.
  3. A

    Is there any free adult video hosting site (like openload)

    I am looking for adult video streaming websites like and openload. Openload was better(I didn't use it though, but heard about it). I am currently using, decent but their video player, ad popups are irritating. And also the interface of is bit old fashioned. I also heard...
  4. weirdo23

    How to scrap a video link from

    Hey everyone,does anyone knows how can i get a movie link so i can upload it to my account ?
  5. mayadd

    A problem with

    Hello guys. So I started using this site to upload adult videos and publish them in order to earn money. Most of my traffic is unique, but I'm facing this problem that this site. It doesn't count all the views I get although it says that it counts unique IPs up to 10 times in 24 hours. Let me...
  6. mayadd - Scam Or Legit?

    Hello guys how are you doing? So I'm working on this site which pays for views. It has a good payments for 10,000 views : So, did anyone try this website? does it pay?
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