1. xanaIDE

    [Help] How To Use Netlify Split Testing Based on a Condition?

    Hello everyone, I started using Netlify to host a static website and I really like the performance. I'm not a techy guy, I was just using the manual deployment but I will see how to use the automatic deployment from GitHub. And maybe I will use Hugo as it seems a little bit easier for me...
  2. Bloodseeker

    How do I redirect an expired domain without leaving any footprint?

    I'm currently hosting the Wayback Archive snapshot of the domain on Netlify. I will soon redirect the entire domain to my money site. How do I do it? I don't see this wildcard redirect feature in Netlify. The domain's registrar is Namecheap, and I don't think they allow wildcard redirects...
  3. xanaIDE

    What do you think of using Netlify for a static website with ads?

    So, I have a website that is approved with AdSense and I want to host it on Netlify. I will place a maximum of 3 ad units on a page(mostly I will place only 2)+ plus google analytics script + Hotjar script. The page will be heavy with these js scripts. I have a really simple template that I plan...
  4. champiseo

    Netlify and multiple sites hosting

    I'm planing to create static (made with hugo) PBNs hosted on Netlify. I was wondering if I would have any penalty with google due to using only netlify hosting for all the sites of the PBNs. Do the CDNs use different IP Pools ? Is this a good idea or should I look for some other hosting ? In...