1. IncomeAdventurer

    Question on NEO

    seems like it has quite a lot of improvements from ethereum but why is there so few ICOs on it still? There's only like a dozen or so NEP5 tokens on their main site (unless that's just what the NEO team made themselves?)
  2. FormerBoxer

    What coin would you go all in?

    What coin would you go all in like bitcoin when it was low back in the day? I'm going all in with NEO this year. I bought it at $8 last year :)
  3. K

    What do you guys think about NEO?

    Hello everybody so iam holding my NEO since it was ANS and iam really depressed about this coin atm. Iam trying to long time hodl it but it just feels like its stuck in 30 like forever. I really believe in the technology but people rather join the hype instead of the base of a coin. The...
  4. Ecodor

    Will NEO rise up

    Some thoughts on this?
  5. D

    NEO price will go further down, here is the reason

    Now Red pulse has huge amount of NEO with them, to make it useful for their project they will have turn this into money. so they will sell NEO for BTC => decrease in NEO Price. Im no fucking expert, ARK went through same shit and i had no idea why the fuck it was going down at that time and...
  6. S

    Two of the most promising crypto startups that will grant massive returns

    Hi, I'd like to bring your attention to two startups that are going relatively unnoticed in the exploding cryptographer nowadays: "Red Pulse"(Based in Hong Kong): ICO delayed due to current Chinese FUD and "WaltonChain"(Based in China): ICO completed in July 2017. Take one look at...
  7. Entriquit

    How to claim your NEO GAS

    Hey there guys, I've seen a few posts on people asking how to claim their neo gas so I have created a quick video to show you how! Make sure you aren't missing out on these extra profits, the price of neo gas has been rising steadily along side neo Let me know what else you want to see!