negative feedback

  1. contactpm

    shitlist again @Peter07 , he give me negetive feedback without any reason

    @Peter07 given me negative feedback without any reason or without my fault . He said that , he paid me $45 .. But he never paid me for any work . we never reply his threat , never sent him contact details , He never contact me via bhw , via skype , via email or any others contact details on...
  2. EternalFun

    Who here sells on ebay?

    Hey, I am planning to sell on eBay and was browsing through some seller's feedback and it seems on almost all the negative feedbacks, the seller accuses the buyer to be a fake competitor buyer and the fake competitor buyer gives negative feedback on purpose? Screenshot...
  3. Zwielicht

    Handling Negative Reviews & Feedback

    I can't say I'm surprised at how many people I see who don't know how to handle negative reviews. I mean, sure, I doubt any of us particularly enjoy receiving negative reviews, but they aren't the end of the world. On the contrary, negative reviews can even a great opportunity to showcase your...