need proxies

  1. smallwebkings

    Need some advise about proxy issue

    Hello dear Black Hackers, Actaully I use Iprental from 6 months and I did not face any problem before but from recent they su***ks and repeat same ranges and also they repeat the same proxy. I find every where like Iprental software but did not get any good result Please tell me the name of...
  2. hiding_whitehat

    n00b question about proxies...

    ok, so i'm a total n00b when it comes to blackhat (as you can see from my username :D). I have a question about proxies. If I want to use something like (a cracked version of) SENuke, and don't want to use my IP for obvious reasons, could I just use the IP of any proxy (via the Proxy thing...
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