nba finals

  1. Aluminium

    The Toronto Raptors Have Made the NBA Finals

    I don't think the country of Canada has ever been in this state of mind before - I can take the train down to Toronto and get hammered in the middle of the day this week (and not feel guilty about it!). The Toronto Raptors were initially created in 1994; this is the first time they've ever made...
  2. CjTheFish

    Warriors Win Game 1 Of The Finals...

    Pretty boring seeing the same teams at it again... At least the cavs roster is a bit different. Anyone care about NBA?
  3. redmoon

    Finals: Mavs or Heat - Who you got?

    I'm going with the Mavs since I use to be a big Dallas fan before Nash left. Plus I think the Mavs have better chemistry and a more experienced team overall to get the job done: Terry, Marion, Kidd, Barea and Peja coming off the bench... Dirk's just been a beast in the playoffs especially in the...
  4. B

    2010 NBA Finals: Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

    who's your bet? Boston Rules!!!:p
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