1. Sjeshon

    Facebook Dying Out Just Like Myspace Did

    Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is starting to look like a Ghost Town much like Myspace did when everyone just stopped logging in, posting, updating and using it? If Facebook is dead which Social Media is the New King? Where should everyone be redirecting their efforts for Business Pages...
  2. Milfzoneblog

    Blast From the Past!

    Hey there! The name is Dave and I'm 27 years old. "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive!" I live my life by that quote so just know I can get weird at times lol. If you're taking the time out of your busy day/night/morning to read this post I seriously pitty you...
  3. RueRoisCapo

    Very Old/New Member

    Hey folks! Happy to finally be an official member. I’ve been visiting BlackHatWorld and reading/learning everything I could without a membership for YEEEEEARS! Finally made an account but failed to verify my email for another set of months/a year. My email was entered incorrectly *face palm* so...
  4. Nekronomikon

    Ways to earn from MySpace as a Cam-Girl?

    I'm searching for ways how to monetize a MySpace Cam-Girl Model fake profile, any ideas or is MySpace ultimately dead?
  5. Rolf LeStrange

    Myspace Bot

    Hi Y'all, I'm looking for a Myspace bot that can automate following/liking. *Please don't waste my time with a comment about how you don't use myspace anymore.
  6. Indeedmarketing

    Is myspace providing earning opportunity

    Hi, There where times when mylot started , they provided the opportunity to earn. During 2008 - 2009 period many bots are created for myspace account creation. Do myspace still pays on any forms to the user?
  7. T

    Is myspace Still operational?

    Doing a markup on social networks
  8. JalinFree

    [10 Best]Social Media Management Applications

    Hootsuite Buffer TweetDeck SocialOomph SpredFast SocialFlow Sprout Social Everypost Tailwind Use These Tools to Promote Content and Manage Engagement
  9. Rolf LeStrange

    Looking for auto-Friend Adder

    Most of the Myspace bots I've found have been shut down or are actually spyware in disguise. There were two downloads on Blackhat in the past, but they are dead links now. Does anyone have any recommendations for working automation to add friends on Myspace?
  10. yassin lamtai

    my space! can help to increase traffic ?

    my space! can help to increase traffic ?
  11. thebusyman

    Social media acconts for site

    Hello Guys. I have a website for the USA audience. I want to make accounts or groups in all popular social media in order to promote there website. I am familiar with social media in the USA such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest. But I am more interested of Instagram, Google Plus...
  12. mapasorimon

    Myspace is a great site to get PR backlinks

    I make backlink to myspace its great if you want to make be quick cause it's really good site
  13. FivelSection9

    Best current myspace bots 2015

    Myspace sucks we know this, btu theres still 50million people available for spamming on there so which is the best bot for it? Im looking for something that can handle many accounts with proxies and a full set of features. Please provide a link or company to google.
  14. D

    Here are some free Imacro automation scripts for AddMefast

    I did quite a bit of searches for imacro automation scripts and a lot of them didnt work at all or logged you out of your AddMefast account. So I made my own and decided to share them. Sorry in advance if I did not link or script box correctly, I am new. 1) Download iMacros addon for firefox...
  15. S

    I want a myspace account with many followers

    HI, I WANT A MYSPACE ACCOUNT WITH MANY FANS DM ME i am willing to pay to paypal or with lik4like points
  16. Zwielicht

    Does Myspace Still Deserve a Section on BlackHatWorld?

    For those of you visiting this section of BlackHatWorld, do you still believe that Myspace deserves to be a section here? Why or why not?
  17. webhostingproviders

    [Get] Powerful 3 in 1 Marketing Tool (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)

    Tool generates unlimited leads, followers, likes and much more. Manual Download Link Licence Key License name: OLALEYE GABRIEL License key...
  18. B

    Is Myspace still relevant?

    It seems like Myspace paved the way for the whole social media revolution, but is it still relevant? Even with the whole relaunch it just didn't seem to stick.
  19. J

    Is Myspace is helpful to increase traffic?

    Day by day MySpace users are decreases so still Myspace is trusted to get traffic?
  20. S

    Any bots out there for the New Myspace?

    The is looking pretty cool, especially for bands and other brands. They don't have "friend requests" anymore, but now they have "connections". Basically the same thing. Anyone know of any bots out there? Or think anyone can make one? Would be cool to hop on this before it...
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