myspace marketing

  1. weaselstomp

    Looking for JV for WF and DP

    --------------------------------- Edit: Found someone! --------------------------------- Greetings BHW JVers, I'm looking for someone to partner with who has accounts with some weight in WF and DP to promote one of my products: MySpace Apps Mogul ( It's already sold several...
  2. L

    Looking for myspace bulk messages

    I am looking for someone who has at least 2k friends in myspace, who can send a bulk message. Please send me your prior feedback and price (I have only Paypal). Thank you
  3. L

    Myspace account - need someone to add friends

    Can anyone use a software or other method(s) to increase the friends in my myspace account, with a niche focus? I am looking for at least 2k. I do not use a PC so I am unable to use software. Please let me know the price (I only have Paypal), prior experience, and reviews/testimonials...
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