myspace friend adder

  1. B

    How many friends can I invite per day in Myspace?

    Although for facebook I heard the limit is around 50 what are these limits according to your experience in myspace?
  2. T

    Is there way to add "Only Bands" as friends?

    I'm new at this, what I'm trying to do is create a MySpace profile that has "Nothing but Band Links" from all over the world. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or the names of an auto adder that would do this ...anything. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Abercrombie

    [REQ] FriendBlasterPro v10.5.0

    I would really like to run some new stuff. The old version forced an upgrade so not even that works anymore. I have a killer method to share with anyone that gets me this. No joke.
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