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  1. hculiver3rd

    Who does Mass E-Mailing? Make Some $ Off Me!!!

    Where are all of the Mass E-Mail Masters at? This is what i need: 1. Go to 2. Collect all of the Email addresses from the (Bulk Adding Email List) Example: 3. Send out E-Mails with my MySpace Add Address. If there is a thread that is simular to this...
  2. T

    Is there way to add "Only Bands" as friends?

    I'm new at this, what I'm trying to do is create a MySpace profile that has "Nothing but Band Links" from all over the world. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or the names of an auto adder that would do this ...anything. Thanks in Advance.
  3. S

    Seriously the best way to gain friends!!!!

    So this website "" actually works. Its a bunch of links to the best "myspace trains" and all i do is to add my friend ID to all of them every day and I get 100s of friends every day!!!! try and let me hear what you think!!!