1. kiddhyper

    Outlook account creator from Myaddtools

    Does anyone have the full outlook account creator from myadtools I do not need it activated.
  2. O

    Has anyone found tools like mailer king and others from myadtools?

    It's been 2 monts since myadtools closed, has anyone out there found similar tools?
  3. K

    Mailerking is gone :(

    Myadtools closed and it is no longer supporting Mailerking. Does anyone know of a similar program?
  4. T

    Mailerking is dead :( does anyone have any info?

    I just found out myadtoolz (maker of Mailerking) closed down. Does anyone have further info? Is anyone still able to run their programs? Are licenses been extended or not anymore? Please reply, I need to know where I am standing.
  5. T

    Problems with Mailerking

    I just learned myadtoolz (maker of MailerKing) shut down. If you have any solution (or are looking for one as I am), please let me know, or send me a pm.