1. kiddhyper

    Outlook account creator from Myaddtools

    Does anyone have the full outlook account creator from myadtools I do not need it activated.
  2. reversemaps

    Cracked MailerKing Question

    Anyone out there know if the genrator still works when using the cracked version of MailerKing?
  3. O

    Has anyone found tools like mailer king and others from myadtools?

    It's been 2 monts since myadtools closed, has anyone out there found similar tools?
  4. reversemaps

    Anyone have the low down on a BITLY generator?

    I've asked about bots in the recent past but I felt others could benefit from hive mind. Thank being said, BITLY generator advice anyone?
  5. reversemaps

    myadtools closure / alternative tools?

    Hello, all. This topic has recently (briefly) been discussed but anyone know of alternatives to using myadtool's suite of bots? Trying to figure out what options are out there. Thanks for your input!
  6. K

    Mailerking is gone :(

    Myadtools closed and it is no longer supporting Mailerking. Does anyone know of a similar program?
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