music business

  1. A

    Growing an Online Music Business from Scratch: Need Advice on Driving More Organic Traffic

    Hello! For about 2-3 months now, I've started an online business that caters to music producers. On the website, I sell sound packages and other audio libraries. I'm writing this thread because I think I need advice from someone more experienced. In these months, I managed to bring in...
  2. M

    Music Advertising. IG Ads for Spotify Streams+Followers. What works best?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread, if I make any mistakes or do/say things that are against the BHW-codex please let me know. Let's go! Somehow I landed a gig to be the "social media guy" for a not so small local band. My main target should be to pump their spotify streams up big time. (Of...
  3. M

    Hire a professional to get our bandcamp album viral

    Hey We are looking out for an excellent coder who can get our album viral on bandcamp
  4. A

    Where can I promote my music to reach the right kind of audience?

    Is there any platform where I can promote my music to the right kind of audience? I have tried advertising on Facebook/Instagram but it didn't have the desired effect that I wanted. Is there any other platform that could help me promote my music to reach my target audience?
  5. AGIT2020

    hey there

    Hello ina outta space My name is j4y and i want to introduce myself to the board, 30 years old - netguy / web designer / sales man and musician from germany, sorry 4 my bad english - peace to all nerds and all lovely people in here .... hope i don't get hacked here :D :D :D - bad blackhats ;)...
  6. R

    Beats selling affiliate programm thoughts

    Hi. Im making beats\hip-hop instrumentals on full-time basis. I have some sales, but want make more serious marketing. Im ready to pay 50%, so it will be min 10$ and max 100$ from each sale. I think the best will be USA traffic, may be like music blogs or something. But im have zero knowledge in...
  7. letuvis

    any 1 from music business?

    hey, guys any of you from the music business? I'm not newb but looking for some guys with similar interest. We can share some ideas or knowledge, dunno. Constantly digging online for new stuff. Different people have a different point of view to the same situation and workflow. So networking is...
  8. Nick007815

    What is a goodway to monatize on music niche!

    Hey, I bought a domain a few months ago, and Indexed an Random article, just in case I willneed the domain in the future, and now since I work on my IM projects again , id like to monatize this Domain/Site, PM me for the Name, any Ideas? I was thinking of a Blog type of site, however due to all...
  9. Renfield-Files

    New Spotify model. Need a name!

    Here's my new journey. Im ready to go with a Spotify model product but... To gain free access to the content, users have to nail some sort of SAT. Several academic studies prove that music prefererences indicate higher or lower levels of smartness or lack of. If you dont reach the mark, you wont...
  10. letuvis

    Anyone involved in music business here?

    Hey guys! I have strong communication & media (also digital marketing) past but never worked with music industry before. Now the time came when I have to consume everything about this market and to get to know with it FAST. I am looking for individuals involved in this business market to...
  11. totalfreedomint

    Music Business Fast Track

    Hi everyone, thanks for having me and creating this group. Looking to learn all I can on how to successfully market my record label artists through social media. Thanks and I’ll contribute all I can.
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