1. T

    Spotify farming 2024

    Hello, I'm new to the Forum and would appreciate your help, looking for insight. I currently have 500+ songs already uploaded and distributed between 8 artists. Right now I'm producing streams with 1 Spotify Family Account (6 accounts). My question is: What is the best plausible way to create...
  2. Pheno864

    Is there a "Script" or "Tool"!

    Is there a "Tool" or "Script that can generate millions of veiws, Followers, even produce streams for Royalties off music? For platforms such as "Napster", "Apple", "Pandora", "Spotify", "Soundcloud", and "Tidal" etc. looking to find anything i can get my hands on! Please comment if you can...
  3. C

    Hello World

    I am here to learn how to market myself in the music industry...
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