1. apex1

    [Python] Multiprocessing - 'Manager' Not Working

    I'm trying to have a basic counter in the 'test' function that increments for each iteration (list1 item). I can't get it to work, been trying for hours. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? from multiprocessing import Pool, Manager def test(current_item, counter): counter = counter + 1...
  2. apex1

    [Python] Need Multiprocessing God To Help Me (Advice, Template, Code, anything)

    Multiprocessing is kicking my ass :mad::mad::mad: I've read over 30 tutorials and watched countless videos and still can't write my own custom multi-threaded script in the way I need. I'm on my 3rd day of doing nothing but trying to figure this out lol. Here's the issue.. I have a script...