1. I

    Blackhat MRR - Ecommerce (Pre-checked Monthly Recurring Revenue Scam)

    I'm sure a lot of you have heard about and use Tiktok. If so, you've probably run into ads claiming to be selling various products that are "on sale until midnight" for $1-5. When going to that store and actually purchasing the item, you are unaware that: 1. Your product won't be shipped to...
  2. T

    PLR Stock Photos!

    Hi guys Where can i buy stock photos in PLR, MRR, RR licenses? Looking for a legit website :) thanks!
  3. RenegadeX

    My $1,000 per month recurring revenue model - Beginner friendly

    $1,000 per month recurring revenue I was keeping this method close to my chest for the last month or so but decided to reveal it to my black hat family because this place has provided value for the last 5 years for me. There's a lot of BS on this forum now, with spam, questions like how do I...
  4. Redrinth

    PLR question

    I recently learned about PLR and MRR and bought myself a lot of MRR ebooks i plan to sell. But in the MRR cert it says "[NO] can covey and sell private label rights" but says i can sell the book itself. so when I sell that ebook do i just take the MRR cert out of the file? Is that what it means...
  5. D

    Question About MRR Products

    Hi Fellow Blackhatters, Quick question: I have a couple of MRR products (from this site and others) that I would like to sell on sites like Tradebit. I did not pay a dime for them, but I would like to profit from them. Would I have any problems out of the original creator of these...
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