1. 5ung1

    Hello , i work with movie streaming website , i want to stop and make a pause for around 3-4 months

    Is there any chance to download everything (database of the movies , script etc) or to sell it on parts , thoughts ?
  2. G

    Making Movie Streaming Website in Canada

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about making movie streaming website and directly streaming movies from my google drive by using proxy to avoid google to track it. I just want to know is it safe to do in Canada? Although I will be using VPN for every step. Another way I was thinking of to use...
  3. RooT-00

    Movie Streaming: Scraping Movies

    Hi there, Im new to this niche, and I have a question I have a bunch of websites that are working in the same niche and I want to know how to scrap their movies and transfer it on my server, for sure I won't do this manually, So I was just looking for any kind of automation to do such a task...
  4. J

    [WTH]Developer for Vid Streaming Site

    We are looking for someone to code a video streaming website using javascript for back and front end. We are a development firm interested in possibly entering this space and are looking for new talent to join us on this venture. To start off we would like a proposal on system design which our...
  5. D

    I made a moviestreaming website!

    Hello guys, i made a movie streaming website, some guys from here motivated me, and i started doing it about last year october, and now im on google on top 10 moviestreaming websites in my country i barrely make 30$ per month, and the cpa and cpm are verry low in my country, some ideas what i...
  6. C

    WTH developer for movie streaming site

    Hi, i would like to hire a developer for a movie streaming website. Or someone who has a working script. Please pm me and leave your best method of contact. Pricing can be discussed. Cheers
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