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  1. F

    Movies Streaming sites journey to $50k a month

    Hello BHW, After a few months on this great forum, I found that there're many movies sites owner here, and I decided to make my first journey thread in this niche to share my exp in this niche as well as to motivate myself to achieve $50k a month goal. Currently I have a few sites making $300 to...
  2. P@N7#3R

    My Movie Streaming website Journey 2018

    Hey BHW members, This is my first thread in this forum. Hope you all like it. I was looking to earn money online. that was a really long way till now almost 6 years. I tried lots of methods like PTC sites, Youtube, AdMob. short links and many more. But nothing works for me. by all those...
  3. Mr.Pablo

    How I Made My First Million Dollar From Streaming Site "Ask Me AnyThing"

    PS : First thing i want you guys to know is that this niche is not easy, its very difficult and it has a big concurrent but the most important thing here is that it can lead you to Prison ( jail ) :confused: So if u r thinking about stepping into this domain, put infront of ur sight every...
  4. S

    How do you stay anonymous while operating pirated movies/adult websites?

    I have read many guides on this forum on making money off websites by creating streaming sites for movies. I understand this is clearly illegal and you need to keep your identity anonymous while operating them. I have few questions regarding this: 1. Aside from basic privacy measures like...
  5. S

    Add 1000+ movies daily into your Openload account.

    Hi guys, Since a lot of people here motivated to starting streaming movie website. I will give you a simple trick to save your time from downloading and uploading movies to Openload account by using remote upload feature on it. With this trick you can add movies to your account in a blink of an...
  6. X0t0

    My new streaming Website

    Hello everyone , a 3 months a go i make my first streaming website , now i have between 16-20 visitor/day , i just wanna know if there's any way to increase my daily visitors . thanks :D