movie affiliates

  1. freakymonday

    Question about movie affiliate landing page coding/customization from

    Hey guys, I have this question for you, maybe someone knows how to do this. I would greatly appreciate! I am with , they are affiliate network for movies, games and music. My landing page looks like this - But I found one affiliate (under the same...
  2. F

    Traffic for Movie Streaming sites?

    Hello everyone, new around here, so gathering as many tips as possible. I was wondering what networks (if any) allow movie streaming sites. I am looking for something similar to PlugRush except non-adult. Also looking for any networks, tips, etc. that can help build traffic for these types of...
  3. T

    AffiliateBuzz CPA Network. Fast Payouts - Great Conversions - Movie Niche

    AffiliateBuzz PushPlay, ReelHD, FilmLush, CinemaDen, ItsHD, MovieLush, FlixAddict, CinaMuse, ReelVidz, Cineble, Moviease etc. Online movie streaming in HD quality. 1000's of titles available. Starting Rates - $5.00 to $10.00 USD CPA Affiliatebuzzdotcom/signup Optimized specifically for...
  4. blackma

    Need to monetise my Movie themed YT channel

    I need some ideas. Would like sales based revenue rather then CPA/content locking or Google badsense. Channel has 2 million upload views. And is just clips of popular movies.
  5. andy2009

    I got opt-in list I want to start monetize. Got something?

    I have collected many thousands of opt-in subscribers during the past 6 years from a site I have. It's people that are interested in movie & tv-show related products and have already at least once showed their willingness of using their credit card. I have never spammed them either. Got...
  6. A

    Movie Tv Niche Affiliate Program

    Hey BHW, Just here to announce that after 8 months of business I'm back to re-introduce our affiliate program. There was some confusion between our company and another company also called affiliatebot, so we officially changed our name to Affiliate-Robot! With that comes a list of...
  7. Albert

    How I Monetize my Movie/TV Sites Since the Changes [Complete Guide]

    When I first started in the movie/TV show niche, it was pretty lucrative, until the networks started frowning upon publishers who supported this type of content. As a result, it has left many webmasters digging around looking for means to monetize their website as best as they can because...
  8. J

    Affiliate Buzz Review

    I signed up with affiliate buzz recently to test them out and so far I've been really happy. Affiliate Link: Non-Affiliate Link: The offers are geared towards people who want to watch movies/tv online. They are...
  9. A

    New Affiliate Program

    Hey BHW, Just wanted to take a second and introduce everyone to our affiliate program. My name is Jason Allen, I am the affiliate manager over at Affiliate-Bot . After months of testing with different test affiliates I can finally see that we?ve worked out all the glitches and can finally...
  10. P

    [GET] ZML codes/invites available!!

    Hey I have 3 codes available to give away. But I'm not gonna give theme away to just anyone. I want BHW members that have been on here longer than 4-5 months and/or have at least 30 posts. Why? Shoot, because I wanna make some money. I don't want newbies or people who haven't been active on...
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