movie affiliate

  1. L

    adios ad-center !

    ad-center gone away
  2. mikepeter

    Is there any Adcenter, Mediahub, and Affforce alternative?

    I need a trusted adcenter and mediahub alternative. It seems ad-center and mediahub will be closed soon. And all Canadian affiliates seem to have a problem nowadays. I already know about affforce. We must need a trusted alternative.
  3. T

    Earn money from CPA Movie Landing page - Full autopilot simple movie website script

    Are you looking into earning money by starting your own movie streaming website? then use this landing page solution. This is a No database, movie streaming landing page solution, you are not hosting anything, so the risk here is minimal. Script pulls movie data from TMDB API. It loads...
  4. kangbahar

    I Need Landing Page for Movie CPA

    Hello ... you can help me. I Need RECOMENDED Landing Page for movie cpa
  5. Fuazii

    [JOURNEY] Let's build a Movie Empire + Ads

    After the country I live in entered lockdown a week ago, I've had a lot of spare time. I've always dreamt of making $10k/ month Passive Income... I've decided to start an empire of movie sites. What I've done so far in the first week: - Purchased 6 domains, all relating to 'freemovie' &...
  6. HardSearcher

    Movie Site SEO Guide

    I am thinking open a movie web site and also television series web site. I wonder what are the top 10 rules and to do things for a movie site SEO?
  7. D

    Buying pop under or banner traffic for a movie site?? A good idea?

    Hello folks, I have a movie streaming website. I would like to know is it a good idea to buy pop under traffic or banner traffic for a movie site through some ad networks like propellerads or popads or any other networks? is it worth? Has anyone tried buying traffic for a movie site from...
  8. B

    Find developer

    Hello, i need developer who can make movie site CPA script. So if people wanna watch my movie they need to sign up first to the affiliate link
  9. jenoms_lim

    Teach me to play CPA movie

    lately I'm bored in bringing movie site traffic and no sales at all. teach me about this can at least produce thousands of dollars a month. maybe there will be a reward for you.
  10. dons915

    What Is The Best Network To Monetize A Movie Site?

    Hi Everyone , I am looking for a affiliate site like ad-center that converts well. I have 2k to 3k views per day in german movie language but in adcenter its 500 to 800 views per day and not converting well. Pleas suggest what other alternative network. Thanks
  11. devinda

    looking for movie affiliate

    hello im looking for good paid movie affiliate please give me any idea Thank you
  12. A

    Best movie streaming offer

    Hi guys! I'm searching for movie streaming offers (Free Trial) with good performance. I found some offers on Affiliaxe but they're not converting well. Looking for advices! Maybe you can suggest me offer that you're using?
  13. Demoxing

    Which is the best ad network for a movies site?

    I have a Movies site which has 10k+ daily unique visitors. As you know that due to copyright problems, most of the Ad Networks do not accept such kind of websites, like adsense So, Can Some one tell me some good source to get income from this traffic? As at this time, all of my traffic is being...
  14. jenoms_lim

    What is the best CPA Affiliate Movie Streaming and real content?

    I want to join the CPA Affiliate Movie / TV Series that is really real, please recommend the site. thank you
  15. jenoms_lim

    Help me, Questions About CPA Affiliate Movie / TVSeries

    I pursue CPA affiliate movie / tv series business in one of the world's leading networks. which I doubt so far. After the visitor submit a credit card for the list or become a member, Does the content of the movie / tv in each CPA offer is true there is a movie / tv? or in the offer movie that...
  16. psy4duweb

    Movie CPA Networks

    Hello, Anyone know the best CPA network with french landing page to monetize a french movie website? I will ppreciate any advice. Thank You
  17. B

    Cloaking For New Movies

    This is my first time posting, I'm not sure I'm even in the right section but I see people creating landing pages for movies still in theaters but when you click the play button it takes you to a sign up form. Does anyone have any information on this? Is this an affiliate program, if so please...
  18. M

    Movie Affiliate

    Anyone here can suggest me best movie affiliate program?
  19. blackworld2016

    How I can build a Online moview watching website in WordPress

    I want to build a website for online movie, where people can watch movie after join that website. but how can I build that, organize that site through category, time, artist & other segment. Also, I want to know How can I get those movie database into my WordPress website, because manually...
  20. L

    Need help with an ad link

    Greetings people! I have small issue with an affiliate link. As most users tend to use adblock and similar stuff, my affiliate buttons with direct links embedded in them get blocked out and thats real bad. I tried the google shortener but google blocked that direct affiliate link. Oh and yes I...