motivation baby

  1. Hunter Carlisle

    How do you stay focused?

    Recently I’ve been not working on much on projects, I find myself just laying around or watching Netflix. I find every 6-8 months I’ll do this for a couple weeks and it really hurts my productivity. It’s like I am hunting for my next dopamine hit, I still get somethings done but I can’t sit down...
  2. SeedPhrase

    You got me Boy [Monday Motivation]

    have a good day guys.. :) peace
  3. siuhin

    [JOURNEY] Growing Instagram Network to 50K

    My Instagram journey to motivate myself and hopefully you. My goal is to grow my network to 50K then monetize my account with shopify dropshipping in my niche. I'm looking to make some side income and maybe scale from there. I'm starting with (3) accounts in my niche. One of them already has a...