1. MonteCarlos

    Where the heck they found so many monkeys?

    Authorities discovered a warehouse with 50 Tones of fakes here in Greece... And the question is, where the hell they got all these stuff from? Is there an online resource for fakes that I have missed, or they are just going to China to close such huge deals? Probably there are 50k items in...
  2. S

    Help Here papal monkey generator

    Anyone Have a papal monkey generator i want papal monkey generator please help
  3. OrangeNRG

    Easiest surveys for PPD?

    All 3 PPD networks that I've been with has crazy long surveys that treat our users like shit. I tried doing a few on my own and holy shit, I would never actually do those surveys to download anything. It's not even the fact that they are long, but here are some more things: - Uncertain on how...
  4. monkey

    Screenshot + edit + upload tool

    Hey guys, heres a tool (if you're not using it already) that allows you to capture your screen(hotkey), edit it and upload to multiple image hosting site in less than 30secs.(very ram friendly) you can even upload different files types(.mp3, .pdf) by right clicking on the file itself...
  5. loophole

    What script is this site on?

    Hi, Some noob question here ... I'd like to create a site similar to hxxp://w3*no-monkey-business*com , so any idea what script can I use to create such a site?
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