monetizing twitter

  1. thewanderingpen

    Opening Of Twiitter Ads To Public - How It Wil Impact IM?

    Hi Guys, I won't pretend to be on the cutting edge of IM (more of IT & B2B sales guy). But I just stumbled upon this news item: hxxp:// Twitter Ads (used to be invite-only) is now publicly open. I'm sure the experts here will come up with a method or two to squeeze...
  2. vector_hh

    Earn $70-$370 per 1k UV from twitter, FB, YT in 30 minutes with this dating landing page

    Start earning money in 30 minutes with this dating landing page. Monetize your twitter, facebook, tagged, youtube traffic. Adult traffic is perfect too. You will get from $70 to $370 per 1000 visitors. I'm looking for a kind of JV with a guys who already have a decent amount of traffic and...
  3. L

    Magpie tweets not showing up

    I signed up for magpie hoping to earn some money. I set pre-approval off and set it to a 1 tweet-1 ad ratio, but they aren't showing up in my time line. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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