1. goku786

    can these types of videos on youtube be monetized?

    Hey guys. this type of channel without voice-over be monetized? no voice-over just texting on phone messenger? Thank you!
  2. icemetal

    The Old Classic Youtube + Clickbank Journey

    Hello, everyone I hope you are all well. I realized that I needed some kind of motivation to help me accomplish my IM goals so I decided to start this journey. It's my first journey thread on BHW but I hope to see it through to the end. As I mentioned I'm doing this for my own motivation as...
  3. Paukerin

    [Journey] "Simply" grow a YouTube Channel and get monetized

    Hello guys, some of you might know me already from my other journey thread (Quiz Site) where I also wrote something about my personal background and so on. Well, to be honest with you I had quite a lot of failings in the past despite working in a good job in real life. But I won't go in detail...
  4. R

    Youtube prmium views

    Hello, I need help from someone with a monetized youtube channel. Just curious how much does youtube pay per premium views? I don't know how it works and I can't seem to find an answer on the internet, all I've heard is that these views give more money, do they pay per view? per minute...
  5. chantelloo

    how to know if a youtube channel is monetized??

    hi ? how to know if a youtube channel is monetized when iam not the owner? is that possible? thanks in advance! regards
  6. widchy95

    Youtube Earn Strategy

    is it possible to get monetized on youtube uploading : Movie Trailer compilation tell me if I can go to it youtube experts thanks
  7. jimmybun

    3 Million Views Per Day with NO Monetized

    Hi bhw, I'm really stuck with what happen to my channel on YouTube. My channel has ranking so well with 6.7M per 48hours in analytic. That mean, I get around 3.35M views to my videos in a single day. Sadly, my channel has no monetize enabled. I come here to ask you, if you do have a great idea...
  8. ghaith-sunder

    i need monetized youtube channel fast

    i need monetized youtube channel fast is there any online seller
  9. E

    Best Site To Buy a Youtube Channel

    Hello My Bro I found a great site to buy some youtube channels. It is They sell some youtube accounts with monetization enabled. Wow And the price is cheap. Once I bought there. And I got a real youtube account with monetization enabled. This is really answering my question on how...
  10. bergmann001

    Advice on how to monetize reuploaded Videos.

    Hey guys, i have a really big problem here. Trying to build a youtube channel with reuploaded videos.. i know i know.. I actually wrote a bot that scrapes liveleak daily, downloads, watermarks, creates custom (and i mean custom by checking tags and change the thumbnail accordingly) thumbnails...
  11. blackma

    How did you start out in IM?

    Hey was just thinking back to when I started out in IM; e-whoring among other stuff. I was just wondering what you guys did when you first started out? How long did it take you to start making a living?:)
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