monetize websites

  1. renepaolo27

    Need Help Monetizing 16 Websites/Domains

    I created a thread similar to this one before, back when I had 30+ websites and domains. I took others' advice to focus on some, which I did on three sites and put adsense, and sold the others. Some offered me to communicate with Skype but I had poor internet connection at that time so I was...
  2. S

    Monetize a PR5 site with over 100k page views a month?

    I own a PR5 website with over 110k page views a month that I am looking to monetize. I am interested in contextual ads, display ads, audio ads, video ads and even monetization of the search function on the site. The site is a user generated audio site with over 50k different audio files. We...
  3. N

    1 Website, 7 pages, $1,180+ a month Autopilot

    ?1 website, 7 pages, Averaging $1,188.67 per month on Autopilot? I?m Going To Provide for You The Exact Same Braindead Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint That Helped Me Generate Over $14,000+ Last Year From One Website On Autopilot? This Proven System Cuts Through The Nonsense And Lays Out The...
  4. S

    force register for play videos

    There is some way for force users to register when play video youtube on my wordpress site? When i refer register, can be: register for lead, show a form on div, force to click on ads showed, etc thanks
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