monetize videos

  1. marlin116

    ❤️ [Video Maker] MagickTube unlimited video maker

    How it work? 1) Download a list of videos from Youtube or other plattaform (to monetize your videos must download CC videos). 2) Convert it to the same format and rate with your favorite editor, i prefer filmora 9. 3) Select seconds (5/6 recommended) after Import your videos to MagikTube. 4)...
  2. T

    Instream video ads for porn and non porn content

    Dear BHW, I am wondering who are the instream video ads providers of the in-stream ads in websites like pornhub, as i am looking to sign up in them for my own system. Please suggest me their links in inbox or just reply here, many thanks.
  3. shezboy

    THE GAME CHANGER IS FINALLY HERE - Start Making Real Money From Your Website!

    Here is a demo blog that we set up to show how the plugin displays ads in videos. Here it uses just two of the available five ad spots that the plugin is capable of using. Please note: Video Ad Splasher is a WordPress plugin which means it will only work...
  4. S

    How to Monetize short (under 6 mins) Adult Videos via Tube Sites? Is there a way?

    I have approx 180 videos that I have produced (my own content) around 40-50 off those are short trailers, finishing with 'Buy this clip from Clips4sale...') some are up to 5-7 mins but most dont go past 5mins. I have a wordpress site with juicy ads. XHAMSTER partner program with banners and...
  5. B

    Need help monetizing video site

    Hi guys. I've got an adult (not explicit) video site that's making about $40-50 per month using banners from Exoclick and Ero-Advertising. I think it can make a lot more so i need your help on how to better monetize it. Thanks. Here are the stats for July: 188,711 Visits 139,982 Absolute...
  6. S

    force register for play videos

    There is some way for force users to register when play video youtube on my wordpress site? When i refer register, can be: register for lead, show a form on div, force to click on ads showed, etc thanks
  7. ardendo

    Ways to earn from unique adult videos?

    Hi, I have discovered an easy way to fetch lots of non-copyrighted adult videos at very cheap prices. Less than $0.50 for 1 video(approx. 2 min to 10 mins long). What are the easy ways to monetize these videos? I am thinking about putting watermarks on these videos and then uploading them to...
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