mod rewrite

  1. S

    URL Rewrite problems from /forum to /forums

    I had a forum with /forum but it has changed to /forums I want to know if there is a single line code which can redirect my old URL to new ones. It is not simple redirection from /forum to /forums The URL after /forum/abc.html are now /forums/abc.html There are some 500000 URL that need to be...
  2. M

    Different Home Page for Google Bot than For Normal Users

    Lets say i have domain In case google bot access my site i would like to serve as home page. In all other cases home page should be as normal (accessed through - default root pahe is index.php) So far i come up with this...
  3. B

    htacces mod rewrite help

    Hello ppl, I have used like 4 hours on google trying to find some sort of code example to rewrtie urls with mod rewrite. I all seems like voodoo to me! So i hope someone can help me out. I think its pretty simply but i can't wrap my head around this subject. I need a htacces url rewrite...
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