mobile verification

  1. The Clutch

    Looking for someone who can provide Indian mobile number for AWS verification

    AWS sometimes sends an OTP on the mobile number, sometimes they do an automated call. If anyone can provide bulk mobile numbers for aws verification please contact.
  2. M

    Does PVA Phone Verification significantly reduce chance of login checkpoints?

    I am wondering if PVA versus Non-PVA Facebook accounts significantly reduce the chance of hitting login checkpoints, like requiring a mobile verification, photo verification, or DOB verification, at the start or in the future. I'll share that the purpose for my accounts use is very very moderate...
  3. winchesterpic

    Need: SMS Verification Method / Numbers for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    Hello, I'm looking for a SMS verification method for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (I already have a phone verification method, so please only post about text verification) I don't want to buy prepaid sim Cards or PVA Accounts, I'm really looking for a method here. (I got already plenty...
  4. R

    Need someone from us to verify phone or mobile?

    i want a BHW member that of us to verify phone or mobile.. this work should not take more than 5 min. i will do everything, he just have to give me the code via yahoo messenger... If my work gets succeed i will give a resonant gift for him/her.... add me : [email protected]
  5. J

    Facebook Moile Confirmation Roadblock

    Is there anyone who can help me get past the facebook mobile verification roadblock? Once I create accounts I am getting about 25% blocked with the mobile verification roadblock. Does anyone know how to get around this?
  6. A

    Need help with a Facebook Mobile Verification

    Hi there, I made a batch of new Facebook accounts to support in playing an app on there, and now I am unable to get into one of them. It's asking for a mobile phone to verify my identity. I'm asking if there's some way I can get a code or if there is some way a savvy person on here can...