mobile indexing

  1. T

    Why Mobile-Only Indexing Will Cause the Biggest SEO Shake Up of 2021

    Find out why mobile-only indexing is going to a be a much bigger deal that Core Web Vitals or the Page Experience update. In this article, you’ll find Excel Template to use with Screaming Frog Spider for a comparison between what is served to Googlebot Desktop vs. Googlebot Mobile and then a...
  2. lockheadsr71b

    Question - Checking mobile rankings ?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how can I check the SERP position of my website ? The most basic things that come to mind is just searching through my phone. However I would like to automate. I was thinking of using a scraper with the user agent of mobile device (ex. Safari, mobile screent...
  3. ContentWriter

    Mobile Indexing

    It has been announced that mobile searches have surpassed web searches and now being indexed first before the latter. Because of this, it's imperative for your website to be mobile friendly. If I am not mistaken, there are actually two types of mobile sites: Mobile Optimized & Mobile...
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