1. silent_thunder

    Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service There goes another source for free content.
  2. funnyday

    torrent deleted by mininova,help

    from one week ago,i tried to register and upload torrent in minimova. I upload a torrent without virus ,but they delete it immediately. sometime they not only del the torrent,but also ban my ip and my email. someitme i can upload one but the upload speed is so poor,and show 0 seed,but i had put...
  3. Z

    Torrent failure

    Ok. I have already had a year of great success with affiliate marketing and Adsense. Now I am ready to delve into the world of Torrents. I have created my first ebook, with an attention getting title, and some cunningly placed CPA links inside. I have uploaded the torrent to Mininova and...
  4. rejv66

    How to not get banned with torrent sites?

    Before I've decided to start this topic, I've read lot of interesting things on this forum about making money through torrents. I know few possibilities how to make money on it, but every method is going to get me banned on torrent sites like mininova or Piratebay. So my question is what do...
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