1. kissmylilstar

    alternatives tumblr

    17 December Tumblr Will close his Doors for everything that contains nudity i found 4 alternatives and was wondering where you Guys go, did you find good alternatives ? Please share them. I found MeWe Blogr.xxx Cumblr Minds
  2. kingdombunniez

    MInds.com views/bot

    Is there a bot or program that give you views on minds.com? Or a penal?Can someone do this? An "X" certain (like 500-1000) of views per post?If you can PM with proof and prices. And how many views you can do.
  3. kingdombunniez

    Freelancer needed upvotes steemit/ likes minds (returning gig)

    Looking for a freelancer that can provide steemit upvotes (quality ones if possible) either have lots of minnows, quality accounts like dolphins (or perhaps a whale)? Well would be nice but I settle for minnows and dolphins. For minds.com as well I write high quality articles. 3 per week (or more)