1. TomTheCat

    Always Give 100% at Work!

    Have a wealthy week everyone!
  2. matthewmint7

    Millions and billions of site visits of our favourite platforms

    This was recored late 2021 so stats would have differed by now! Enjoy this random post! GOOGLE - 89B visits per month YOUTUBE - 35B visits per month FACEBOOK - 22.5B visits per month TWITTER - 6.8B visits per month INSTAGRAM - 6.5B visits per month WIKIPEDIA - 5.39B visits per month...
  3. Alma

    [part 2] spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M - REVEALING the websites [LIMIT 10 PEOPLE]

    Some of you may have read my thread here: These people are making millions of $ monthly. Check how one of the domains grew in just 20 days: FROM TO In total, I found 34 websites like this. Created with autogenerated...
  4. Heiko Sells for a Seven-Figure Fee ($5.54 million)

    The market for three-letter .COM's is well established with even the worst letter combinations routinely selling for five-figure fees. In the past twelve months, a couple of three-letter .COM domain names have even sold for seven-figure fees. Today, we are able to reveal that another...
  5. A

    How To Get Millions Of Followers On Social Media

    I've seen many members ask for a great strategy to grow their social media pages. Well I have both good and bad news, the bad news is that there are now shortcuts, and you should do it the long run. The good news is that there are a few tips you should be aware of to succees, and these tips are...
  6. R

    How to find an investor for a website?

    Hey guys, So i've been working on something since last 3 months and its almost 80% ready. The concept behind this website its very unique and and its a social network but totally different from other social networks , for example you cant just compare fb with pinterest, right? in the same way my...
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