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  1. S

    Need a high converting Adsense page design/template

    hello friends! I just stumbled on a arbitrage opportunity keyword and can generate pretty targeted traffic to the page with adsense. However the conversion (CTR) is non existent. This traffic is expensive so the CTR has to be high to make any money. Are there any good templates or ideas to...
  2. shaqsquash

    Creating quick sites for adsense cash

    If there was a way to create adsense optimized, mobile-ready, SEO optimized MFA sites (anybody remember smarticle?) within minutes and zero coding would anybody be interested in this? The reason I'm asking is because I'm a decent developer/coder and I've done MFA sites in the past and I know a...
  3. S

    What makes a website an MFA or made-for-adsense website?

    Is it just a matter of personal opinion? What are the specific characteristics of a made-for-adsense site? What gives it away as one? I had an argument with someone over this the other day and would like to to know what others on this forum think.
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