1. L

    Protocol - Morning Star cue Epsilon

    Hi guys, I'm known as Beleth on other websites. Im on the verge of death (again) and need to get in contact with some hackers who can generate noise for my music. Im willing to cause any sort of disorder you wish as it can further elevate me further in notoriety. LO - Holy Bible 666
  2. Nekronomikon

    Anyone here into Black Metal?

    Does anyone here enjoy BM, too and what are your favorite bands?
  3. Billy Batts

    Metal Only!

    Drop It!! One of the most stealth performances EVER!! And no punkrock, goth and shit ( you know who I'm talking about!) Just metal!! Chill work music btw
  4. M

    Youtube Channel

    Hey go check out my youtube channel! :) Please subscribe, rate, and comment, thank you :) i am an up and coming guitarist, I will be uploading more videos all the time, so keep going back to check, I am only 16, been playing since july 2007, please no hate mail, constructive feedback please :)...
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