messenger client

  1. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Messenger Bot You Know

    Hello,guys.. I am trying to find a messenger bot, for such messengers as whats aapp, viiber or sskype I need exactly the tool which would be acting like a real person,writing to someone..So, I don`t need a bot creator - I need a software which would create a real whats Aapp (vviber or sskype)...
  2. J

    WhatsApp Messenger Broadcast Marketing

    Hey Guys can you please recommend me a tool for broadcast. It is important to me that the customers (who have not saved my number) also receive my messages and that I can use all functions of WebwhatsApp ( Voice messaging ). I thank you for your help!
  3. H

    Desktop Messenger Clients Like Spark

    I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. I am looking to see what is available as far as Desktop Messaging Clients that can be integrated with existing PHP websites. I know of Spark, Brosix, 123 Web Messenger and IntraMessenger. Does anyone know of any other desktop messaging clients? They...