mentor needed

  1. georgetoons

    Looking for Social Media monetization mentor

    I am looking for a mentor to help me Monetize my Social Media accounts, My main traffic comes from TikTok where i have about 240 thousand followers. I have tried so many different methods and twists but so far have made about 50 dollars and could really use the help at this point. Im usually one...
  2. quackpot

    Hey guys, Quackpot Here

    What's up guys, Quackpot here. Hailing from Indonesia, I'm here to learn the ropes of those who have succeeded in affiliate marketing & social media. Been fascinated with affiliate marketing and just started my journey mid this year. Lots to learn so I hope to learn from in this forum. Feel free...
  3. sdfdds

    Best Way To Invest $1000 In BlackHat CPA

    I've been poor my whole life, but I worked hard to save $1,000. And I will work hard and invest all of that money into BlackHat CPA. I'm not looking for a sit back and watch the money grow method. I want to be making every dollar work. Here's what I have so far: Make job postings/Craigslist...
  4. V


    I have just started learning about Python and I was hoping that someone from here would be able to help me out as I continue my journey. My goal is to create a bot(s) that can work on different platforms, but it might take awhile since I have no coding background:eek: I know some people study...
  5. S

    Looking for mentor

    Hello fellow Members, Some weeks ago i set up my shopify store, added a lot of products, read a lot about dropshipping, shopify and e-commerce in general. But i still have questions about some things that i have to fully understand yet. I know that on blackhatworld there are many talented...
  6. J

    Noob. Looking for a mentor

    Hello BHW, I am totally new at finding and successfully applying opportunities on the internet but I am hardworking and focused. I am a quick learner and committed to turning my life around and achieving financial freedom. I will really appreciate a mentor. I am a full stack developer/graphic...
  7. J

    Hello ! French young seo happy to write for first time here :)

    Hello everyone ! After reading the forum assiduously for the last 4 years, i've decided to write my first post on the forum. First of all, i would like to thanks the members, some of them has been my prefered source of information during my beginnings in the webmarketing-seo-related-world. The...
  8. BusinessSmack

    Looking for Traffic Mentor

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  9. C

    Hi! Looking for help!

    Hi. :wave: I'm Chyrelle, a 35 year old wife and mom of 4. I have a full time job in financial services, but I'm looking to make a impact online so I can leave the office and be more present with my small children. I'm a very good writer, proficient in computers, and I am intelligent. I also...
  10. V

    This newbie wants to make money FOR you

    Hello from New York State, my fine friends! I'm just a girl who after a year of looking at all of your success from the sidelines while loosing a lot of cash on JVZoo fads, am ready to jump in and finally do it right. If you were to select a business model that can be completed from anywhere...
  11. D

    Have $1000,(to share obv) require partner and mentor to help turn this sum larger

    Hey all, I have been reading these forums for awhile, and with all the knowledge I have gained have made some minimal profits, using CPA techniques and social media ventures. Now I have $1000(USD) to play with and would like someone to come on board and help make turn this amount into...
  12. A

    New to this part of IM

    Hello all. I hope to learn the black hat way of doing things after having learned white and gray hat stuff and want to make the best of both worlds. Looking to get into affiliate marketing, drop shipping, ebay and Amazon selling, and whatever else I find along the way. Would love any help I...
  13. H

    2years online and still struggling

    Hi gang, i'm not new to the IM field, just pissed I haven't gotten over the hump yet. i've spent a hell of a lot more money than I've made and I need some help to get profitable. i just joined the forum this morning and look forward to jumping in to give back as much as I can. i'd love to talk...
  14. M

    Finding it impossible to make any money!!!

    Hey, Is there anyway of making money online from free resources??? And if someone could mentor me I would appreciate any advice. I've been struggling online for 3 and a half months and I haven't made a cent. Please someone help me, I'm in a really awkward situation! :( Thanks
  15. R

    Black Hat World Mentor Program?

    Hi guys and gals, I wanted to post this question and be brutally honest with all of you as to who I am. It's not easy for me to admit this but I need serious financial help. In two months I'm not going to have a place to live. I'm wondering if there's a mentorship program on Black Hat World...
  16. gang3

    Its Hard To Break In To The Money

    High Guys My First Post, But Been here a while. What prompted me was the fact that although i know how to do many things online. I Yet in going on 6 years have learned to make any money. It all started back in 2001 when I Broke my neck, Right In My Own Living Room wrestling with my kids. just...