membership script

  1. S

    Best MemberShip Script Today?

    Hey fellow Blackhatters ;-) Throw me a few options here for todays best membership scripts please? I am selling online coaching (video content) The main or landing page will be a sign up page with a trailer video. Once inside, users should be able to navigate through various sections and...
  2. J

    Project Payday.

    Does anyone know what type of platform is used to create sites like project payday or partner with paul.
  3. S

    force register for play videos

    There is some way for force users to register when play video youtube on my wordpress site? When i refer register, can be: register for lead, show a form on div, force to click on ads showed, etc thanks
  4. A

    anybody knows what membership software does this site use?

    i am trying to set up a membership site using amember, does anybody know what software does this website/s use? piano street*com? i'd really appreciate any suggestion on the easiest to setup membership software, this will be the first time i'm setting up a membership site, i know how to setup...
  5. Matano

    Exclusive Business Membership Club On A London Ship

    Who could help with some ideas on building a business membership club on a historic ship moored at a prestigeous London location? Membership is restricted to 250. It is in three tiers with the topmost having access to most of the ship, internet access, office desk, telephone line and several...
  6. O

    Anyone Use Digital Access Pass?

    Hi, I tried their wordpress plugin. Had problems and asked for support. It's been 3 days with no reply... Anyone had any experience with them?
  7. V

    Membership Script Question

    HI guys, I hope I am posting this in the right section and that someone may have an answer. I have to set up a free membership site where free content can be downloaded but I need to know who has downloaded which items. Obviously to sign up an email address will be required but is there a...
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