medic update

  1. Myst3ry

    Can you fake the information to get a green light by Google for YMYL sites?

    Can you fake all the names, description, bios, social media links for the profiles of the people publishing the posts for YMYL websites?
  2. Shabzy

    SEO and Social Media Marketing strategy for Pharmaceutical Research Chemical Company

    Hello Guys, I currently run an ecommerce website using WordPress which sells research chemicals. Its quite a niche product but I understand Google restricted websites like mine under their "Medic Update" which affected YMYL websites. I have recently developed some back links through posting...
  3. B

    Any new on how to recover from medic update?

    Hi guys. I couldn't find anything about thi medic update. I did lost 90% of traffic on this 5 months Any tips or anything to help. I have great articles and good links. All my competitors are losing traffic like me. The only winners are big mags and authority sites even if they have poor content
  4. prashank

    Need some Help For finding a unbeatable solution of Medic update by Google, you should help.

    My website is Ranking for the Keyword 'Best ENT Specialist in Vasundhara' on 17th Number of It was ranking on the first page before 'Medic update' But not now. How can you help me? You just need to Search this query on Google 'Best ENT Specialist in Vasundhara' and then look for...
  5. Nitin Soni

    How to Recover The Google Medic Update ?

    On August 1, Google rolled out another big algorithm update. So now how to Recover from the Google Medic Update? please suggest.