maxbounty affiliate manager

  1. Bennett Jimmy

    Maxbounty Didn't pay my $100

    Hello guys, I have 4+ years in affiliate marketing and made over $20,000 since then I work with Ogads(mostly) adverten and some other dating networks too but I do CPI and product offers mostly, I just promote dating sometimes and I've never had problems with any network before, I've collected...
  2. U

    Maxbounty Approval Reject [Plz help me]

    Hello, recently maxbounty reject my application without phone call interview. can I apply again from my PC with different details? Plz, answer anyone. And can I use the approved account on other PC? is there any problem?
  3. Ybba Semad

    Can't Reach MaxBounty

    Hi, does anyone have problems getting in touch with Max Bounty? Tried reaching my affiliate manager for two days, calling all day during business hours EST. I only get voicemail. Got an email from a different affiliate manager who claimed he tried calling (no missed calls). He didn't leave an...